Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Sooo.. just a while ago I had my sixteenth birthday! :) It was so fun I loved it! :D First I went to school and only went for half a day because we had early release, then I went to dairy queen with my cousin Jason. haha we were there for awhile and for once he was eating really slow, but I didn't really think anything of it.It seemed like we were there for forever though! haha then I get a call from my mom saying that my sister was there and was about to leave so i needed to come say bye to her. So Jason and I get there and no one was in my house....? Slowly I walk outside and BAM! SURPRISE!! hahaha it was a great birthday and a lot of my friends were there :) THANKS MOM AND SARAH!! i love you guys! :)
P.S. Tomorrow I'm going to get my license! ahh so nervous! :D wish me luck on parallel parking! haha


Paige Nelson said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! When was it?? Suprise parties are ALWAYS the funnest. But yeah I'm going to New huh? I'm super excited. :) So you're 16 now...that means dating!! Any boys?? :) Oh and good luck on your license test. I hated that thing. I did parallel parking perfectly on the test and ever since then I can't do it to save my life! Haha. It's good to hear from you pretty girl. :)

Carli Michelle Stratton said...

haha thanks!! :) it was on october sixteenth :) and yeah your so lucky! i want to go some day :) your going to have fun shopping i'm sure! i'm extremely jealous haha and hmmm no not really i went to the movies on a group date so that was fun but other than that not yet! haha yeah thats what i'm most worried about! hopefully it goes well because i have to go tomorrow and get it now since i had too many tests today. haha i'll let ya know how it goes ;)